All about Good-Edi cups…

Is it Edible ? YES

Our cups are an exciting new alternative to the traditional plastic or paper takeaway cups. They will stay crispy while you drink and won’t leak for several hours. You can safely hold it – the heat stays in the cup. Fantastic for hot and cold beverages – and why not desserts or snacks?

Is it delicious? YES

Our cookie cup tastes amazing without changing the flavour of your drink. Our cups are grain based, vegan and a great source of fiber. All ingredients are of the highest quality and ethically sourced in Australia. There are no artificial flavours or preservatives – Edi is a perfect nutritious snack.

Is it biodegradable ? YES

Our cups are designed to be truly eco-friendly . Eat it, throw it in the compost or put it in the bin. Just like any food, our cups will breakdown in less than 12 hours if you eat them or a just a few weeks to breakdown in the compost or landfill. We take extra care to produce our cups sustainably.