Cups you can eat, re-usable only cafes, and mugs you check out like library books. These are some measures that businesses are trying to help Australia ditch its addiction to plastic, especially because Victoria's upcoming ban on single-use plastics doesn't apply to most takeaway cups. 

It's estimated more than 1 billion takeaway cups go to landfill in Australia each year. That's because most takeaway cups and lids contain plastic elements to make them water-proof, making them difficult to recycle.

On February 1, Victoria will enact a ban on single-use plastics like straws, drink stirrers, polystyrene cups, cutlery, plates and cotton bud swabs.

At the Into Coffee cafe in nearby Collingwood, there is an even stricter no-plastic policy. Customers either bring their own re-usable vessel, borrow one with a deposit, or, for an extra fee buy an edible cup made of oats and grains.

The cafe sells the edible cups at cost, to encourage change towards a zero-plastic future.

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